Seriously, dude, the Dept. of Labor wants to friend you
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Seriously, dude, the Dept. of Labor wants to friend you

The U.S. Department of Labor has set up a Facebook page and Twitter account. Which is totally awesome for them. But it raises some challenging new issues for employers.

For example, what do you do if you send a friend request to DOL and they don’t respond? Do you think, “OMG, they’re so stuck up?” Or do you figure they’re just really busy with Congress and stuff?

And if they tweet something that, like, disses employers, how do you respond? Do you send back a snarky tweet? Defriend them? Call them out on their wallpaper? Or just chill?

Relationships can be challenging, of course. So maybe it’s best just to list your status with DOL as “complicated” and leave it at that.

photo credit: Francesco Rachello

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