The Selling Essentials Minute, Ep. 19: The Yes Trap
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The Selling Essentials Minute, Ep. 19: The Yes Trap

Welcome back to the Selling Essentials Minute!

The Selling Essentials Minute is a series of videos that offers one sales idea in about sixty seconds. You can use the Minute to kick off a sales meeting, push an idea out to your team, start a discussion or reinforce your training.

On today’s episode: Sales professionals who want to impress potential customers could be tempted to agree to every condition and demand the buyer makes. But doing so can end up harming their credibility and even cost them business. Check out the new episode to learn more.

Video Transcript:

It’s a fact, sales people love to say YES. It’s sort of built in to the job. “I happen to have that very thing right here.”. But if you want to build the two most important elements in sales, Trust and Credibility. You’d better make no apart or vocabulary. 

Put yourself in you buyers shoes, say, you want to help with inventory management. Enter sales person one, who tells you that he can manage not only your inventory but also your fleet software, your shipping, everything you need, no problem.

Then, there’s sales person number two,  she tells you her inventory management is the best, but if you’re looking for software or shipping, you’ll be better off with companies that specialize in those areas. That end of the business isn’t what she’s good at.

Whom are you going to believe? Well, people who say they can do it all are likely to increase the last thing you want, RISK. Because no matter how big the promises, nobody’s good at everything. In the end, all Mr. One yeses add up to is a big loss credibility. 

Miss two offers you something that far better than a YES. She offered basic element of credibility and trust, The Truth. And whether it’s cars or cribs, plastic or plane propellers, when you selling, nothing is more powerful than that.


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