The Selling Essentials Minute, Ep. 12: The Post Close
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The Selling Essentials Minute, Ep. 12: The Post Close

Welcome to yet another installment of the Selling Essentials Minute.

The Selling Essentials Minute is a series of videos that offers one sales idea in about sixty seconds. You can use the Minute to kick off a sales meeting, push an idea out to your team, start a discussion or reinforce your training.

On today’s episode: You thought the deal was sealed up tight, but your buyer just called and said he’s having second thoughts after talking to his current vendor. So how can you prevent a new buyer from wavering after you’ve closed the sale? Watch this short video to find out.

Video Transcript:

After months of hard work, you’ve just landed the account for industrial giant flaxseed incorporated. And life is great for about 24 hours, but then you hear this from what you thought is your new customer. “Gene, I’m not sure about this deal now, I talked to our current vendor and you know they’ve been with us for so long and they owe their wavering”. And it happened because they’re old vendor pushed back begging, pleading and promising the moon to stop your deal.

So, how do you avoid that wavering? Use the post close, what’s that? Well, let’s rewind, point where you’ve shaken hand on it which means your’re done. Right? NO! You need to do one more thing. Put your buyer back in touch with the pain caused by his old supplier. Get them talking about the missed deliveries, the shipping of the wrong products, and most important, how the boss blew a gasket at him every time. 

Then ask your buyer what are you going to tell the old vendor when they give you a million reasons to stay. Is there any reasons to stay in there, everything you can think of that might cause you to change your mind and are you comfortable that my company can do all the things right that they did wrong.

By listening to your questions, your buyer not only will be reminded of why he’s switching in the first place, but by answering them out loud, he will actually begin to sell himself on the good deal you offered.

Now, when he fires his old vendor, he’ll be a lot more prepared to stand his ground and the only waving you’ll see will be the wave goodbye to your competition.


By the way, in case you’ve missed any episodes, or if you want to watch one again, you can find the complete collection of Selling Essentials Minutes here.

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