The Selling Essentials Minute, Ep. 10: Cold Calling: Timing it Right
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The Selling Essentials Minute, Ep. 10: Cold Calling: Timing it Right

Welcome to yet another installment of the Selling Essentials Minute.

The Selling Essentials Minute is a series of videos that offers one sales idea in about sixty seconds. You can use the Minute to kick off a sales meeting, push an idea out to your team, start a discussion or reinforce your training.

Today’s episode gives you key insight into the most effective times for reaching out to sales prospects.

Video Transcript:

It’s Tuesday, and Wally calls a new business prospect. Does he get through? NO! Why not? Because Wally called on Tuesday, the worst day on the week to make a business call.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best calling days almost of 50% better than Tuesday, but don’t take our word for it. We’re quoting MIT, YES! That MIT. And that MIT conducted 3 years of researched following 6 companies and found out that some days and times are much better for cold calling then others.

For instance, if you make that first call between 8 and 9 in the morning, that’s right, BEFORE business hours, you’ll get through far more often than if you phone at 2 or 3 or even 3 or 4. 

4 to 6 pm is the best time for that first contact. 164% better than 1 to 2. And calling at 6 to 7 pm after business hours is among the best times to give a ring. 

You say you hate Mondays, you’re not alone, with the exception of terrible Tuesday, Mondays are the worst.

Of course this are averages and they almost certainly vary somewhat by the business your in. So it might be worth finding out when you’re best call times are. But no matter how you do it, keep these days and hours in mind, they proof what everyone should already know. Timing is everything.


Do you have other ideas or tricks for knowing when to reach out to a sales prospect? Feel free to share them in the comments!

By the way, in case you’ve missed any episodes, or if you want to watch one again, you can find the complete collection of Selling Essentials Minutes here.

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