Sales Roundup: November 4
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Sales Roundup: November 4

Welcome to the Sales Roundup, where every other week, we highlight some of the best stuff from the best sales blogs on the Web…

-How would Mr. Spock get ready for a follow up call to a prospect? Telesales Master Jim Domanski investigates, and shows reps how they can use that same, logic-based approach to reach their goals.

-Tom Searcy shows sales professionals the value of grinding out a sale in the hopes of winning in the final stretch.

-Finally, always one to provide valuable knowledge, Anthony Iannarino shares Six Questions Your Client Needs You to Answer

What sales blog (besides this one) have you been reading? If you know of a great sales blogger who should be featured in the next Sales Roundup, let us know either in the comments or by sending us an email.

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