Sales Roundup: August 26, 2011
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Sales Roundup: August 26, 2011

Welcome to Sales Roundup, a new feature on Top Sales Dog. Every other week, we highlight some of the best stuff from the best sales blogs on the Web…

-Over at the aptly titled The Sales Blog, Anthony Iannarino explains when and why it might be necessary to say “no” to a prospect.

-From Jim Keenan from A Sales Guy just started a new weekly feature called What Would You Do, where he presents a scenario and asks readers what they think the best course of action is. This week? What would you do if a buyer says that you’ve won the business, but keeps delaying signing off on the final deal?

-At The Sales Hunter, a guest post from Queen of Cold Calling Wendy Weiss looks at 4 things never to do in a cold call e-mail.

How about you, readers? Did you read a post somewhere that got you thinking? Feel free to share it in the comments, or if you know about a site you think should be featured in a future sales roundup, send us an email about it.

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