Is this buyer for real? Four good qualifying questions
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Is this buyer for real? Four good qualifying questions

To make sure you have a prospect who’s worth your time and investment, cover these four qualifying bases:

  1. Identify a want, need or desire. Ask, “What is it that keeps you awake at night?” “What’s your greatest concern?” or “What would you expect out of our relationship together?”
  2. Set a time frame. Come right out and ask, “How soon were you planning on using my service or someone else’s?”
  3. Seek authority. Ask, “Who’s actually going to use the product?” “Who will cut the check?” and “Is there anyone else who might be in the decision-making loop?”
  4. Identify the budget. Ask buyers “What do you have in mind to pay for this service?” That’s what they’re willing to pay. So add, “Up to?” That’s what they’re able to pay.

Source: Myers Barnes Associates, Inc.,

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