Four sales prospecting techniques that get buyers to quit their current suppliers and try you

When prospects tell you they’re happy with their current vendor, are they telling the truth?

Well, maybe. But not the whole truth. The whole truth is that happiness is relative. Even a kid who’s happily gorging himself on a three-flavor banana split will be thinking about the other flavors he might be missing out on.

Same thing with prospects. “Happy” doesn’t necessarily mean perfectly, eternally happy. It may mean they simply consider that supplier good enough to stick with, in the absence of any compelling reason to change.

Tempt them with reasons to change
You may have a chance to prove you’re better. You can start with one of these responses:

    1. “If your current vendor suggested a better way to do things, would you consider it?”

This reminds them that no matter how satisfied they are, there may be something superior out there.

    1. “One of my best customers told me that the first time I called on her. May I tell you why she ended up switching anyway?”

This approach gives you a chance to tell a compelling story.

    1. “I understand. But it’s always good to have other options, just in case. Could we explore the possibility of being your backup vendor?”

This helps them minimize the risk they may perceive in trying something new.

    1. “I admire your loyalty. Do you feel it would be disloyal to consider ways your company might be able to boost profits/improve performance? This might be such an opportunity.”

This question reminds them that their first loyalty is to their company, not their supplier.

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