Sales presentations: Walk out with a decision
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Sales presentations: Walk out with a decision

Most sales presentations end not with a bang but a whimper.

The whimper usually comes from a long-suffering sales rep who started off 20 or so minutes ago with the expectation – or at least the hope – that the prospect would reward him or her with an enthusiastic yes.

Now the sales presentation is done, and the prospect is showing plenty of enthusiasm. But not quite a yes.

“Great presentation,” the prospect says as the conference room erupts in applause. “The best we’ve seen. You’ve given us a lot to think about here.”

“So?” the rep whimpers hopefully.

“So we’ll get back to you. Thanks again for coming in. Remember to get your parking validated on the way out.”

The next time you have an opportunity to make a sales presentation, don’t let your enthusiasm blind you to the real objective. You don’t need applause. Or free parking. You need somebody to make a decision. It may be a buying decision. Or a trial. Or an agreement to let you finally meet with the CEO.

Whatever it is, walk in with an objective. And walk out with a decision.


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