RLI’s latest innovation: The T.O.I.L.E.T. Training System
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RLI’s latest innovation: The T.O.I.L.E.T. Training System

Here at Rapid Learning Institute, customers often tell us, “Yes, we’d like to do more training in our organization, but we just can’t seem to find the time.”

We listened. And we get it. Managers are busy. Employees are busy. Everybody’s busy.

That’s why we created QuickTake Rapid Learning Modules in the first place: six- to ten-minute learning modules that people can access on any computer, tablet or smartphone. They’re the ideal way for people to get training when and where they need it, without interfering with all the other things they have to do.

But our customers wanted more, so we’ve taken the idea to a new level. Today we’re announcing the T.O.I.L.E.T. Training System — an innovative new combination of hardware and software that turns the most unproductive part of the workday — the bathroom break — into a training opportunity.

We’ve created a video that shows the power of this new technology, and I welcome your feedback:

Click here to download the ebook; The Future of Workplace Learning: 5 Unstoppable Trends.

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