If an employee brings a discrimination complaint to HR, several things are supposed to happen, starting with an investigation.

But one thing shouldn’t happen – the person is immediately fired.

Yet that’s what happened to a 55-year-old employee of Radio Shack in Denver.

Impeccable record
Although the employee had an impeccable record over 25 years of service, a new manager twice placed him on performance improvement plans (PIP) within four months of the manager’s arrival.

The employee went to HR and said he thought he was being discriminated against because of his age.

Result? Five days later he was fired.

$675K for Retaliation
So instead of investigating a discrimination complaint in-house – and maybe resolving it internally – Radio Shack got hauled into court by the EEOC on a retaliation charge. Now, a federal judge has handed down a whopping $675,000 award for the employee.

Makes you wonder why the company bothered to employ HR people at all…

Cite: EEOC v. Radio Shack.

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