To get more referrals, don’t ask, just tell
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To get more referrals, don’t ask, just tell

For best results in building referral business, go to customers armed with names of prospects or companies to whom you would like to be introduced.

Example: “Bob, I’d like to get acquainted with Alex – I think he’d be a good fit for our service. Would you give me a hand with an introduction?”

If you don’t know the name, say something like, “Bob, I want to meet with the VP of Operations. Can I tell him we’ve done business together?”

Here’s another angle you might call “don’t ask, just tell.” Say your research shows that Jason is the best target, and that Bob knows him. What you say is, “Bob, I’m going to be contacting Jason next week. Can I tell him about the success we’ve had?”

Note the language here: You’re not asking permission. You’re telling him you already have scheduled a call. That makes it easy for him to say yes to the idea of sharing the success you’ve had.

Source: Adapted from a posting by Colleen Francis. For more visit

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