Low-stakes quizzes boost retention
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Low-stakes quizzes boost retention

Present low-stakes quizzes during training sessions – research shows that quizzes improve later performance on testing.

In fact, trainees will likely retain material better with a quiz than if you simply review material – that’s how effective quizzing is.

The experiment: Three groups of students were taught lessons. One group was given regular, multiple-choice quizzes. Their grades would not be affected by the quizzes.A second group was given lesson reviews, but not quizzes. A third group received neither lesson reviews or quizzes.

All three groups then received a final exam.

Results: The quiz group scored between five and 12 percent higher than the other groups. The review group finished second.

These results were seen across a variety of subject matter and final testing formats: essays, short answers and multiple choice.

Source: Roedinger, H., et al., Test-enhanced learning in the classroom: Long-term improvements from quizzing.” Journal of Experimental Psychology: In press.

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