Nearly everyone in sales has questions that don’t get asked. Maybe we are afraid to look stupid. Or, that we will offend the customer. More likely it’s because we’re afraid of the answer.

One question we don’t ask often enough is: “Do you have a real need to buy?” Of course, we’re afraid the answer might be “No.” So we’ll push forward blindly, hopefully, rather than get into a candid conversation that might end with, “Now that you mention it, we really don’t need to buy at this time.”

Another unasked question, usually when up against a well-entrenched competitor: “What possible reason could you have for doing business with us?”

Again, we are afraid to ask, because the prospect might say, “You’re right. We don’t have a good reason to change.” On the other hand, the courage to ask may trigger a conversation about what worries them, what they are unhappy with, and what it would take to change vendors.

When we ask these key questions, immediate clarity results. There is a path forward. While we may not like the answers we get, we can take action.

Source: Adapted from a posting by Dave Brock at

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