Ep. 4: Voicemail: Make them WANT to take your next call
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Ep. 4: Voicemail: Make them WANT to take your next call

This Selling Essentials Minute highlights an idea from the Quick Take training program, “Voice Mail: Crafting a Message that Makes Prospects Want to Talk to You”

Video Transcript

Voiceover: The Selling Essentials Minute. One good idea in about sixty seconds.


Meet Tim. He’s got a hot sales lead…and he needs to talk to Mary.

Mary: Hi, it’s Mary, I’m not here right now…

VO: Uh, oh. Voice mail. Where sales go to die.

Tim: Hi, Mary. Tim Hamilton here at Precision Test Equipment. We’re one of the world’s largest distributors of industrial test equipment. With our experience, low prices and broad product line, I think we could help you upgrade your lab. I’d love to talk to you about your needs. Please give me a call at 888-555-…(FADE).

Voiceover: Tim’s message is polite. It’s professional. And it’s pointless. In fact, when Tim calls Mary again, she’ll probably duck him.

Why? Because He just told her everything she needs to know. It’s Tim. From Precision. Sells test equipment. Got it.

Tim needs a message that actually makes prospects WANT to take his next call.

How does he get one?

By leaving stuff out. Creating some mystery. Some intrigue. Leaving your prospect wanting to know more. He ID’s himself, and then says this:

Tim: “Hi, Mary. I was speaking to one of your former colleagues…”

Voiceover: A former colleague? Who might that be? Mary’s gonna want to know.

Tim: “Hi, Mary. I was wondering how those new regs are going to affect the plans for your lab expansion…”

Voiceover: New regs? Mary better find out what that’s all about.

Tim: “Yeah, Mary. From what I read about you, you’re an expert on lab safety. I have a quick question, and an idea I’d like to run past you…”

Voiceover: No product, no service, no solutions. Tim simply shows Mary he knows her world – and leaves out just enough to make her curious.

The result: Next time Tim calls, Mary will probably give him a couple of minutes of her time – and that’s all he needs to get the sale started.

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