How to get skeptical employees to buy into workplace learning

Stephen J. Meyer

it’s difficult for a skeptical employee to get any real value out of training. Their negative mindset will almost guarantee that they almost certainly won’t put in the requisite time...

Why learners leave their training at the door

Stephen J. Meyer

If you view training as an “event,” you’ll be fighting the way the brain’s memory is structured. The solution: don’t treat it as an event, but an ongoing process. Read on to learn more.

Low-stakes quizzes boost retention

TJ Oneill

Present low-stakes quizzes during training sessions – research shows that quizzes improve later performance on testing. Read on to learn more.

Offer trainees more choices and watch performance soar

Stephen J. Meyer

Look for ways to give trainees choices. Reason: Studies show that performance improves when people have choices, even small ones. Read on to learn the science behind this discovery, and how you can use these findings to improve knowledge retention.

Small victories are key to mastering complex skills

Stephen J. Meyer

Trainers can break down all the behaviors successful people do into individual skills. By mastering small obstacles, eventually they’re mastering a larger skill or task. Read on to learn more about how this works.

The Research: Why Training Transfer is So Low

Stephen J. Meyer

Dozens of studies in the past 40 years have tried to figure out how to improve training transfer. The truth is its up to managers to make sure employee training sticks. Keep reading to learn what factors impact training transfer, and how managers can help.