Ep. 5: Overcoming sales objections: Getting to the truth
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Ep. 5: Overcoming sales objections: Getting to the truth

Voiceover: The Selling Essentials Minute. One good idea in about sixty seconds.


Sales prospects give you all sorts of reasons for not buying.

“I can’t afford it.”

“I don’t need it.”

“The old one works just fine.”

But the truth is, most of the time they’re NOT telling you, well, the TRUTH.

They may want to get rid of you; or perhaps they just haven’t thought it all through. OR maybe THEY don’t even know why they’re not buying.

You can’t very well accuse them of being confused or worse, lying.

So next time, when old Fred says…”my budget’s set for the year,” try saying…

“Yes, but in addition to that,” as in…

“I understand your budget’s committed, but in addition to that what else is making you hesitate?”

Fred might say, “I might not get the savings you’ve promised.”

“That’s understandable,” you say, “but in addition to that…”

And in addition to that…and in addition to that.

This technique keeps you in the game while helping you get to the honest truth of the customer’s objections: It also gives you the chance to show that you can overcome that opposition with solid ideas…like payment plans or future budgeting.

Meanwhile, you’re digging deep to win that sale – while talking about what’s most vital to your customer, his boss and his company. And that’s the most important “addition” of all.

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