To make a better impression and establish your value, consider these strategies during the opening phase of a call on top executives:

  • Share third-party insight from a respected industry publication, Web site or blog. It doesn’t matter if the prospect has read it. You can still use that information as a springboard into an intelligent conversation.
  • Offer a quote from a respected industry thought leader. Top execs often like to keep up with what others are thinking – whether they agree or not. This says that you’re up-to-date and able to have meaningful peer-to-peer dialogue.
  • Bring up another customer you’ve worked with. That establishes credentials and positions you as an expert, not just a vendor. But don’t dwell on the other customer too much; C-level execs want to know they’re the center of your attention.

Source: Adapted from a blog posting by Paul Cherry. For more, visit

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