Are you lying to yourself without knowing it?
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Are you lying to yourself without knowing it?

Some of the things we tell ourselves every day are harmless, but others can actually get in the way of achieving our goals, says sales coach Urmas Purde. Here are a few he says are commonplace:

  • I did everything I could to meet my goals. We all tell ourselves this. It’s seldom the truth. You may have worked hard. But did you follow your plan? Did you have a plan to begin with? If your sales math tells you that you need to add 10 new opportunities to your pipeline every day, how close did you come? It’s important to be honest – not to beat yourself up, but so you can better identify what’s impeding your success.
  • Our clients need our product or service. Of course you are a big fan of your solution. But that can keep you from noticing that customers will compare your offering to something clearly inferior. If you’re selling $50,000 training packages, then in the eyes of the customer in-house training by the HR manager is a viable option, no matter how certain you are that your solution is better. If you assume your prospects have alternatives, you’re much more likely to keep on doing the big and small things that lead to a sale.
  • This customer is in the bag. After a successful meeting with a prospect it’s easy to behave as if the sale has already been made. You allow yourself a longer lunch break and a bit more time on Facebook, at the expense of more unpleasant cold calls. But, there is no such thing as a sure customer. And even more important, the feeling of “having some big fish in the net already” slows the pace of doing things that lead to success. Follow your plan of new calls or meetings no matter how good the last sales call was.

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