In sales, position yourself as a leader with your customers and prospects
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In sales, position yourself as a leader with your customers and prospects

We’ve all heard the mantra: To be successful, you need good listening skills and even better closing skills.

But, says sales guru Mark Hunter, the real secret to top performance in sales is leadership.

Although we have all known salespeople who have had stellar years based on the luck of a few great clients, those with sustained, long-term success always exhibit great leadership skills.

What’s a leader? Here are the essential characteristics. Leaders are people who:

  • Empower others to do seemingly impossible things, whether individually or as part of a group.
  • Help people see issues and opportunities they would not normally see themselves.
  • Instill a level of confidence in people that make them proactive in dealing with situations they otherwise would be hesitant to handle.

Build leadership skills
Positioning yourself as a leader to existing customers makes a lot of sense, because you will sell more to them. In addition, they will be more apt to confidently recommend you. What’s more, salespeople who behave as leaders are less likely to need multiple closing techniques to make a sale. Establish your trustworthiness up front, and you won’t have to rely on tricks to close the sale.


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