I was feeling anxious the other day. My doctor prescribed a pill.

“Pills make me anxious,” I said.

“So take two,” my doctor said.

“That will make me twice as anxious,” I said.

“Okay. Then let’s talk about what’s making you so anxious,” the doctor said.

“Talking about my anxiety makes it worse,” I said.

I could see he was getting frustrated.

“Could you please stop drumming your fingers?” I said. “It’s making me nervous.”

His face got red. “What exactly do you expect me to do for you?” he asked.

“Calm down, doc,” I said. “You’re getting upset. And that’s the last thing I need right now.”

Maybe you’ve felt like my doctor when you’re trying to close a nervous buyer. You offer lots of things to reduce their anxiety. Not a pill (let’s hope), but testimonials, guarantees, benefits and more. Yet the harder you try, the more the buyer digs in. As you see this sale slipping away, your own anxiety rises.

Here’s something to remember when you’re in that situation: Emotions are contagious. If your buyer is anxious, it will make you anxious. Which will make your buyer even more anxious. The key to dealing with a buyer’s anxiety isn’t to offer more “reasons to buy.” It’s to break that cycle by remaining calm yourself and allowing the buyer to “catch” your confidence.

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