The buyer just said yes. Now you have to help him say no.
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The buyer just said yes. Now you have to help him say no.

It’s easy to forget that buyers hate saying no almost as much as we hate hearing it. But if you have any doubt, just look at buyers who say yes. They’re giddy with delight – and not just because they’re now the proud owners of your wonderful product or service. They’re also happy for you. They know how hard you worked to win their business. They know you and yours don’t eat unless you sell. They’re rooting for you.

The problem is, your win might mean a loss for the buyer’s current vendor. The buyer is happy for you – but now has to deliver some bad news to the other guy.

The buyer will feel bad about it. And that bad feeling could end up costing you a sale you thought was in the bag.

The existing vendor will exploit the buyer’s guilt and discomfort to try to get the decision reversed. With nothing to lose, they’ll use everything at their disposal. They’ll plead for a second chance. Promise to do better in the future. Offer a discount. Maybe even cry, if that’s what it takes.

You need to shut that stuff down.

But of course you won’t be in the room when it happens. So you need to prepare your buyers to stand their ground. There’s a technique you can use called the Post-Close. It comes right after you’ve closed the sale, and is designed to inoculate the buyer against an emotional appeal that could get your win overturned in overtime.

Once your buyer has given you the business, talk them through the next step. Ask them what they’re going to say when they call the current vendor to deliver the bad news. Find out how they’re going to respond to the existing vendor’s endless stream of pleas for one more chance. If at any point your buyer sounds unsure or wavering, then the sale isn’t closed yet. Talk them through your benefits again and solidify their commitment to your solution.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the sale is closed before it actually is. Talk to your buyer; walk them through the Post-Close.

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