Have you made your cold calls yet?
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Have you made your cold calls yet?

Let’s face it. The chore salespeople hate more than anything else is cold calling.

Reluctance in cold calls is no mystery, of course. Like anyone else, salespeople don’t like to get rejected, and that’s how it feels when you call somebody out of the blue and they don’t want what you’re selling.

But just for today, why not embrace those “no’s”? Just because someone doesn’t need what you’re selling today, that call is still valuable.

Consider, for example, what you can gain even when the prospect says no:

  • You’ve put your name and your company in front of a prospect. So when they do need something, you’ve increased the odds that they’ll think of you.
  • You’ve learned something about the market. Every call gives you an opportunity to find out what kinds of challenges customers are facing, what’s changed about the business and what issues are hot right now.
  • You’ve created an opportunity for follow up. It’s amazing how many people will say yes if you ask permission to check back with them. And it’s amazing how many remember you when you do call back. At that point, it’s not a cold call.

It’s a good way to get yourself in the right frame of mind and remind yourself how to structure calls to virtually eliminate rejection. I think you’ll find it engaging and practical.

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