Four Keys to Buying Sales E-learning Content for your LMS
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Four Keys to Buying Sales E-learning Content for your LMS

Companies want strong online video-based sales content in their LMS systems. Since creating it in-house isn’t always an option, you may opt to purchase it from an outside vendor. But the last thing you want is to purchase content that no one uses. That wastes money and can suggest the company isn’t committed to providing high-quality training to its employees.

So what guidelines can you follow that will make it more likely you’ll pick online training that gets high engagement and improves performance? Here are four that we think will help:

1. Choose best-of-breed

If you have to buy content in several different learning areas, it’s tempting to source it all from a single vendor. You check all the boxes and you’re done. Don’t fall into this trap. No vendor provides superior content in every area of your business. If you buy sales content from the vendor who also provided you content for IT, project management and safety, you’ll regret it later when you realize that the sales content isn’t as good as the other stuff and your salespeople aren’t watching it. Take the time to curate sales content from multiple vendors who specialize in sales training. Find the one (or two) who’s content stands out from the pack.

2. Go micro

Today’s short-attention-span workforce demands e-learning that’s brief and fast-paced. Most companies understand today that online training needs to be less like a book, manual or ILT session, and more like a YouTube video. That said, it’s surprising how many LMS libraries contain hour-long sales training videos. Unfortunately, online learning takes place in the carnival of distractions called the Internet. Your salespeople won’t sit in front of a computer for 60 minutes to learn about sales. In fact, an EdX study showed that learners start tuning out of e-learning videos after just six minutes.

3. Go single concept

Modern salespeople have a google-search mentality toward training. They’re sitting at their desks about to make a call and asking questions like: “How do I get past a gatekeeper?” or “What’s the best way to handle a price bully?” or “How do I respond if my prospect wants to stall the deal?” Most of the time, your reps don’t want or need an entire course on sales training. They want a solution in the moment of need. That’s where single-concept learning comes in. Short micro-videos on discrete topics can very quickly give reps a learning concept they can apply immediately on that next call.

4. Think blended learning

Many LMS content buyers assume it’s enough to purchase a large library of content, then give people a login and say, “Go utilize.” Fact is, even with strong content you’ll tend to get low engagement. Instead, purchase sales content that can play with other types of sales training, even traditional ILT. Your organization is probably doing a significant amount of classroom training. Why not purchase online sales training that can be used as a tactical complement to ILT? For example, use online videos as a coaching tool to help managers implement the great ideas they learned in ILT.

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