Follow-up with an employee performance review is vital
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Follow-up with an employee performance review is vital

Employee performance review needs to be an ongoing process during the year

If you put that development plan based on frequent employee performance review into place, into action and no good behavioral change occurs then we wasted our time. What the manager is looking for is are these new activities making changes to improve your work performance

Behavioral change that I’m looking for. If that comes, then we did something worth our time and we’re going to get better business result. If we don’t get behavior change of a positive nature, then, again, the whole thing is for naught.

Time has value to the employee and you
In the first employee performance review meeting with Catalytic conversion, 45 minutes to an hour of listening. Second meeting, 45 minutes to an hour of talking. Third meeting, 15 minutes to calibrate the development plan. And the following meetings, once a quarter, 15 minutes talking about “Did you execute on this or not?”

Add this all up and you’re going to find that you were talking about a total of five hours per year per employee invested by the manager for that employee. Add this all up over the course of the year – you’re going to find out that the employee is going to need to invest five hours per year in themselves. Okay that they’re going to need to develop themselves during this period.

What you’ve got here is a total of ten hours, five from the employee, five for the manager each year devoted to employee performance review. Now, some of you go, “Well, that’s a lot of time.”

If you figure this out and you do this properly, you’re going to – it’s going to dawn on you that you’re doing this employee performance review FOR the employee not TO the employee.

Well, what I’m saying to you is most of your good people are like that. They’re thinking about their job most of the time. They come in to work, they’re behind, they leave, work, they’re “behinder”, if that’s a word.

Their employee performance review deserves your time
When you sit down and talk about this, you’re doing this for them, not to them and it’s a great thing. You know most of the time, you’re good people, and they’re theory for how to navigate their career is pretty silly. They figure that if they work really hard and do well, you’ll take care of them, somehow you’ll be thinking about what they need and all those other stuff.

But if you budget once a year, five hours to say please, focus on yourself and by the way, I’m going to focus on you for those five hours. That’s what catalytic coaching is about.

Edited remarks from the Rapid Learning Institute webinar “No More Performance Reviews! – A Revolutionary Approach to Performance Feedback” by Gary Markle

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