Face-to-face sales techniques over the phone
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Face-to-face sales techniques over the phone

Numerous studies have shown that 55% of what we communicate is nonverbal. So you are at a disadvantage over the phone. But you can turn your ears into eyes, and “read” how you are doing, says sales trainer Jim Klein.

Let’s say you are describing how your product or service will benefit the prospect and you haven’t gotten any kind of verbal response. That’s when it’s time to ask a question like:

  • Does that make sense to you?
  • How does that sound?
  • Are you with me so far?

If you are answering a question or concern, ask a question that verifies that you have handled their objection, such as, “Does that answer your question?” You’re looking for feedback from them so you can see what they are thinking and know how to proceed.

Listen to the tone of voice
When you ask a question, shut up and listen for what they say. Listen carefully to the words they use and analyze and question them until you’re clear what they are saying.

Also pay close attention to the tone of their voice. About 84% of what we communicate via the telephone is through the tone of our voice. If they answer a question one way, but the tone of their voice indicates something else, question further to get clarification. Say something like, “It sounds like you still have a concern.”

This will get them to further clarify their position. If you get a very positive response with an “I’m with you” tone of voice, you have a buying signal. Move forward with confidence.


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