Engage all five senses in sales presentations
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Engage all five senses in sales presentations

Editor’s note: This guest post comes from Tom Borg, principal of Tom Borg Consulting in Canton, MI.

Whether you’re selling an intangible or a tangible service or product, a presentation is the perfect way to get the buyer involved with what you sell. That involves more than just watching and listening.

I once had a roofing salesman in a sales training program I taught. In his presentation to the class, he assembled a carrying case of assorted roofing shingles. They were all shapes, sizes and textures. Not only were they vivid and colorful, they were tactile. During his presentation, the salesman handed some of the shingles to a class member who was playing the part of the customer. He asked the “customer” to feel how heavy they were. He invited him to run his fingers over the surface and experience the texture of each type of shingle as he explained the features and benefits. “This is probably the closest you’ll ever get to the shingles you’re buying,” the salesman said. It turned a presentation into an experience.

When it comes to helping your customers or clients buy your products or services, let them in on the action! Help them use as many of their five senses as possible to more deeply experience your product or service. When you create customer involvement in the presentation, your customer will connect on a whole new level.

Tom Borg is a consultant, author, trainer and coach. He is president of Tom Borg Consulting LLC. He works with managers and employees of businesses and nonprofits on professional development, customer service and sales training. Tom’s the author of the book Making Service Count. You can contact him at 734-812-0526, via email at tomborg@tomborgconsulting.com; or www.TomBorgConsulting.com

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