Employees want you do to more than feed their ambitions. They want you to feed their faces, too.

That’s the point that emerges from a recent survey of 1,100 employees at a variety of organizations nationwide.

Full disclosure: The survey was done by Seamless, a company that makes its living delivering meals to individual and corporate accounts. Still, the conclusions are interesting for HR and benefits pros.

A boost to job satisfaction
Here’s a key conclusion: Of those employees who believed that more perks would boost their job satisfaction – 69% of the 1,100 – fully 20% mentioned food. (Some 40% said gym memberships.)

Also, 45% of all respondents said free lunches would strongly weigh in their decision to take or reject a job offer, and 60% said more food at the office would make them feel more valued.

Finally, a very practical point: 51% of respondents said they spent 10+ minutes a day outside the office picking up food, and 54% said they’d take less time away from work if food were available there.

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