Let’s be realistic: The chance of one of your people committing suicide isn’t very large: Most recent DOL data shows that 251 people killed themselves at work in 2008.

But if an employee did do away with him- or herself, at work or elsewhere, think how you’d feel – especially if you thought you should have seen it coming.

The Suicide Prevention Resource Center points to several signs that a person may be thinking about suicide. Managers should be trained to alert HR or Employee Assistance if they notice one or more of them:

  • Statements like “I wish I were dead,” “I’m going to end it all,” or “Soon you won’t have to worry about me.”
  • Voiced opinions that life is meaningless or hopeless
  • Neglect of appearance and hygiene
  • The giving away of cherished possessions
  • Unusual isolation from others
  • Sudden, unexplained improvement in mood after depression or withdrawal

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