Years ago, management expert Lewis Timberlake observed that only 10% of people actually succeed at what they set out to accomplish. Another 10% accept defeat and try to bury their desperation in drugs, alcohol or other obsessions. The other 80% simply get by. They endure their frustration and blame their lack of success on circumstance.

Take charge
In fact, most people get stuck not because of bad breaks, but because they fail to take decisive action to change those circumstances. Those who succeed do so by acting. They don’t wait for someone else to fix things. Here are some actions you can take to create positive change in your life:

  • Avoid quitters. Quitters run in packs. Tossing in the towel is easy when those around you have already surrendered. Want to be a winner? Spend time with winners.
  • Seek wise counsel. Beginners often look for mentors, but experienced salespeople may think they don’t need them anymore. Not so. No matter how far you’ve come, others have passed your way before.
  • Educate yourself. Think you’ve seen it all? If you haven’t yet achieved all of your goals, there must be something you still need to learn. The very best salespeople never stop looking for the next piece of knowledge.
  • Ask, “What else can I do?” If the only two options you can come up with are to quit trying or keep doing the same thing, you’re not thinking hard enough. What other avenues are open to you? Even if ideas seem impractical, don’t dismiss them too soon. Breakthroughs often start out that way.

Source: Jim Domanski is president of Teleconcepts Consulting and author of “Profiting by Phone.” Contact him at

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