Don’t expect buyers to tell you what they need
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Don’t expect buyers to tell you what they need

These days, it seems like everyone wants more. So why on earth would any salesperson sell less?

Well, I would suggest buyers don’t want to hear about all the things they could buy from you. They want to hear about the right thing. And they want you to tell them what it is.

Sure, let them know you have plenty of options to consider. But don’t expect them to figure out which one is best for them. You’re the expert on your products and services, so it’s up to you to match them to your buyer’s needs and wants.

Think of your products and services like a forest. There’s one tree out there that’s exactly right for the buyer. Are you going to let them wander through the forest and hope they find it? Or are you going to lead them to their tree?

To lead them, you need to do the hard work of identifying and understanding your buyer’s needs. That work pays off in two ways. It allows you to deliver the right solution. And the work itself gives you an opportunity to add value. You show buyers that you are a knowledgeable expert who really understands them. So when you do lead them to the right tree, they trust you and know you haven’t led them astray.

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