I think I know what’s wrong with salespeople:

They’re too darn nice.

Lots of people think salespeople are overbearing, pushy, hard-charging egomaniacs. But I know the truth.

You’re a bunch of puppy dogs. Warm, friendly and eager to please.

Take the buyer who just can’t seem to give you a yes-or-no answer. In the real world, busy people won’t put up with the runaround. They get irritated. Demand an answer. Maybe even raise their voice.

In the puppy-dog world of sales, however, these fence-sitters get nothing but love, love, love. “I understand,” the salesperson says soothingly. “Take all the time you need. Don’t even worry about how much of my time you’ve wasted or the fact that I’ve done everything you asked. What can I do to help?”

Here’s what you can do to help: Find out whether the two of you are just wasting your time on a sale that’s never gonna happen. Or if it might happen, what’s slowing things down? Or if it’s close to happening, what else do you have to do to get it nailed down?

In other words, sometimes you have to nip at the buyer’s heels to get them moving. Just try not to bite too hard.

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