Do you get a high payoff from your selling time?
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Do you get a high payoff from your selling time?

These days nearly every company asks its employees to do more with less. That concept applies to selling time, too. You want to get a higher payoff from the time you invest in selling, right?

There’s a simple formula you can use to check whether the way you spend your time is giving you the biggest bang for your personal buck

Start by separating your revenue forecast into three components: (1) your active accounts, (2) the new accounts you bring in and (3) big-ticket sales. In all three categories, determine the average revenue each account generates.

Estimate how many accounts you have – or expect to have – in each of the three categories, and multiply the number of customers by the estimated average revenue per customer to get total revenue for each category.

Finally, figure the percentage of total revenue each category represents. (Just add the revenue from all three categories, then divide each category’s revenue by the total to get a percentage. The sum of all three percentages should equal 100%.)

Gut check: To get a better payoff from your selling time, make sure you are investing the right amount of time in the right categories.

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