Can we see a show of hands? How many of you would rather phone a prospect via direct dial than go through a switchboard or gatekeeper?

Research by Vorsight found a direct correlation between the number of direct dial numbers on the call sheet and the success rate in landing appointments.

They tracked six reps over a three month period, and found that when you double the number of direct lines called, you get 3X the effectiveness.

But how do you get those solid gold direct dial lines, when most companies keep them locked away? Here are three alternatives:

  • Pay for them. Several online sales intelligence resources are available. InsideView gets high marks, as does ZoomInfo and NetProspex.
  • Call into the account. Good resources include switchboard operators at different locations, admins who serve other execs, the IT help desk, customer service and the mail room.
  • Voicemail systems. Some directories will give you the four-digit extension number when you enter the last name followed by the “#” sign. Try calling the main number and seeing if you can get to a names directory.

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