When you are watching a baseball, basketball or hockey game, you can see when the momentum changes from one team to another. It’s even more obvious when you’re one of the players.

Ditto in sales. You can feel a loss of momentum when interacting with prospects or customers. Among the warning signs:

  • It’s taking longer for them to respond to your calls or e-mails.
  • Conversations are getting shorter and more transactional, with little or no depth.

Of course, momentum is a relative thing, so you need to compare how things are with how they were. If your deal seems to be slowing down, here are three ways to turn the game around:

1. Get face to face. Boost the quality of your connection and speed things up by meeting in person.

2. Pull the trigger. Find a reason for faster response time, based on value. Increase the need for urgency.

3. Ask about it. “We seem to be losing steam here. Has something changed that I should know about?”

Source: Tom Searcy. For more, visit www.huntbigsales.com

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