Customer intimacy sounds like one of those ten-dollar marketing phrases. But it’s simple, really: The salesperson who knows the customer best wins.

How do you get to know a customer? Get closer to them. Think about their problems, and about their customers’ problems. Learn about their wants, needs, hopes, opportunities and challenges.

Think about what they’re up against. Consider what they need the most help with.

What’s the first step? Call it research, or preparation, or homework if you like. Industry, regional, business, demographic and consumer news, trends and statistics are now at your fingertips on the Internet. And very often it’s free.

If you’re not intelligently researching your target market’s issues and pressures, how can you possibly come to them with a credible solution?

Don’t like sitting at the computer all day? Hit the street. Visit your local clients, talk to your contacts in the fields you serve, get first-hand information about what’s going on in their world – what are their perspectives, obstacles, priorities; what are their dreams, their “only-ifs,” and their aspirations?

Sure, it’s a lot of work. Do most sales reps put in this kind of effort? Nope. That’s exactly why you should do it.

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