Criminal convictions policy hurts employer
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Criminal convictions policy hurts employer

A trucking company will pay a rejected applicant an unspecified amount to settle an EEOC charge claiming the employer’s policy on criminal convictions was improperly overbroad.

J.B. Hunt Transport rejected an African-American applicant for a driver position based on his criminal record. The EEOC contended the latter was unrelated to the demands of the job.

The EEOC has brought legal action against a number of large employers recently to enforce its view that blanket policies denying employment to those with criminal records discriminate against racial minorities.

The agency says that instead of using rigid policies, employers should consider:

  • the nature and gravity of the offense
  • the amount of time since the conviction and/or completion of the sentence, and
  • the nature of the job sought.

Cite: EEOC v. J.B. Hunt Transport.

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