Try this cold-calling experiment
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Try this cold-calling experiment

I’d like you to try an experiment: Write and use a cold-calling script that doesn’t mention a single feature or benefit.

You can mention your company, product and/or service, but only to introduce yourself and explain why you’re calling.

You can’t say your company is the best, or oldest, or biggest or greatest.

You can’t use the following words: breakthrough, cutting edge, revolutionary, best in class.

Oh, and you can’t tell the prospect what you can do for them. You can’t tell the prospect that you can save them money. Or improve their situation. Or make them happy.

So what can you talk about?

The point of this exercise is to help you focus on the only thing prospects really care about: themselves. If you can get them engaged in a conversation about themselves, you stand a pretty good chance of moving the sales process forward.

Let’s look at an example:

“Hi, Karen. I’m Hank Foster, calling from Odyssey Monoliths …”

“Sorry, Hank. Not interested …”

“Fair enough. But since I have you on the phone, I’m just wondering … could tell me why you’re not interested? I mean, is it because you don’t buy monoliths at all?”

“No, I do buy monoliths… it’s just that I get good monoliths now at a good price.”

“Sure, I understand. I’m curious – what are you doing with those monoliths?”

“Well… funny you should ask.”

Hank hasn’t talked about his monoliths or his company or what he can do for Karen. He’s gotten Karen talking about Karen. And guess what? Karen likes to talk about Karen.

Will this approach magically transform every suspicious prospect into your new BFF? Of course not. But it can improve the odds that the conversation will continue. As long as you keep the focus on the prospect’s needs, and not your need to sell something, you’ll have a better chance of moving your sales forward.

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