Coaching-based Performance Evaluations have Three Phases
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Coaching-based Performance Evaluations have Three Phases

Speak directly and bluntly to an employee in performance evaluations

Catalytic coaching is a system of performance evaluations designed to help you say things to somebody’s face in an effort to help them improve instead of what you’re saying about them behind their back. If you don’t have those conversations, you’re just not doing the right job as a coach, you’re certainly not doing the right job as a manager to your group or other responsibility you have regarding performance evaluations.

The mechanics of the performance evaluations process
Think and talk about catalytic coaching in colors. There’s a yellow input sheet where an employee comes and talks to the manager first, there’s a meeting around that.

In the second session, there is a one side of a blue piece of paper the manager fills out and completes for the employee and presents it. They call it the blue session when you’re having your boss talk with you about the blue paper.

Now, the interesting thing is the input session where the employee talks and presents their two sides of one piece of yellow paper and the coaching worksheet, that second session where the manager comes in and presents using the blue paper — the whole point to those two exercises is to get to a personal development plan where the boss formulates what they say to the employee based on what they see and what they need but also, in terms of what the employee wants from his or her performance evaluations.

So they use the yellow and the blue to have the employee create the green. The green sheet is the personal development plan. This is what they’re going to execute on over the course of the year. It takes about 15 minutes to debrief on it, to sign off on it to see if the two of you are in the same zip code. In that third meeting where the employee comes back, they fill this out and it becomes their plan. The manager signs off on it. So yellow and blue blend to become green. And that’s what you use for the rest of the catalytic coaching or performance evaluations process.

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