Business communication: Use but don’t lose your temper
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Business communication: Use but don’t lose your temper

Flashes of anger in your business communication can drive home critical points

Don’t lose your temper. But don’t be afraid, every so often, to use it. Why? Because a flash of anger – if managed properly – drives important points home to your employees in a way they’ll certainly remember.

Here are some business communication guidelines to consider:

  • Don’t be angry when you’re angry. Sounds like a paradox. But anger can only be effective when it’s controlled. So decide calmly when you’re going to raise the temperature. It’s something of an act, although based on your real feelings. Don’t do it at the moment when you’re most irritated.
  • Use it sparingly. If you appear to be flying off the handle every couple of days, it loses its shock value. You’re just a manager who can’t control your feelings. The reaction you want is, “Wow, this must be a really big deal, because you hardly ever get angry.”
  • Keep it clean. When you use profanity, the only thing people will remember is that you crossed the line. Your message will be lost.
  • Don’t get personal. Personal attacks are inappropriate and unprofessional, and they make people defensive. Get angry about the situation, not the people.


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