In an age of corporate scandals, suspicious customers, and budgets with very little breathing room, there is no substitute for a credible reputation, says sales coach George Ludwig. Here are four ways to build one:

  • Focus on serving.
  • When you serve your customers fervently, an unbreakable customer loyalty can develop. Satisfied buyers not only remain loyal, but also tell others about their first class treatment. Nothing builds a reputation faster and more effectively than word of mouth.

  • Specialize. Concentrating your efforts in a single niche allows you to maximize your expertise, credibility, and reputation. Customers today have big challenges, and they want proven solutions from experts, not generalists.
  • Become unique. A unique identity can be accomplished in many ways. Everything from personal monikers, trademark clothing, follow-up techniques, and personal marketing methods can help you appear unique in your buyers’ eyes.
  • Market your personal reputation. Although corporate reputation matters, your personal reputation matters more.

People buy from people. There are countless ways to get yourself known, including e-mail promotions, newsletters, association involvement, public speaking, and writing articles. These creative strategies help form your reputation as someone customers know and trust.


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