3 questions to build confidence in yourself
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3 questions to build confidence in yourself

You may be new to a managerial position. Or events may have you wondering whether you can really cut it.

There are many reasons why you may need a confidence boost. Here are three questions you can ask yourself that will act as reminders of how good you actually are:

  1. What do I do well? Probably a lot of things. Making the list will remind you of your talents and abilities.
  2. Why should people follow me? Remember when you showed your team a better way to carry out an essential function, and everybody thanked you? You’ve probably done this kind of thing more than once.
  3. What have I done to earn others’ trust? Have you kept your word, stuck to a difficult task, spoken up for a point of view that was unpopular but correct? Any or all of these behaviors help people believe in you.

Going through this exercise will usually help you shake off any doubts about your leadership capability.

Source: “The Leader’s Pocket Guide,” by John Baldoni.

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