E-mailing boss, leave those employees alone!
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E-mailing boss, leave those employees alone!

“Oh, gee willikers, it’s him (or her) again!”

That, or some variation of it, is presumably what employees say to themselves — or to whatever family member is in the room with them — when they get repeated e-mails from their manager after hours or during other time off.

And according to a new survey, bosses who won’t let employees e-mail boxes alone are pretty numerous.

After hours
Right Management, a unit of Manpower, did the online survey of 422 employees, and found that lots of these folks’ supervisors send them e-mails during supposedly non-working hours and expect them to respond. The breakdown:

  • 36% of managers e-mailed outside work hours on working days
  • 6% e-mailed over the weekend, and
  • 9% e-mailed during employees’ vacations.

Stuff happens
Now, we wouldn’t want to say that managers are NEVER justified in e-mailing employees outside of working hours. Emergencies do happen. And no self-respecting boss would want a key project to flop, for instance, because he or she didn’t dare contact somebody working on it for important last-minute tweaks.

But managers who plan ahead shouldn’t regularly have to be e-mailing employees at midnight or at 8 a.m. on a Sunday. Doing so increases employees’ stress for no good reason, and pretty much ensures that they won’t get the kind of rest they need to be at their best the next morning, or the following Monday.

See more on the survey at https://bit.ly/1f4wCPh

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