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Be a leader on price

We’ve cited Mark the Sales Hunter on the blog more than once, so I was pleased to finally meet him in person a few weeks ago at The Sales Association conference in Denver.

For one thing, it’s always a thrill to shake hands with someone whose middle name starts with “the.” For another, we both believe that salespeople get more respect, more sales and more money when they take a firm hand with customers.

I’m not talking about being rude or unhelpful. I’m talking about approaching every sale with the confidence that comes from believing in ourselves and our value proposition. Sure, we need buyers. But they need us too. Otherwise, they would have already bought what they need on the internet.

Mark puts it this way: “Sales is leadership, and leadership is sales.” And that’s what buyers are looking for in a salesperson: Someone they can trust. Someone who can help them learn what they don’t know. Someone who can guide them through a complex and risky decision to arrive at the right solution.

Nowhere is leadership more important than when you’re talking to a buyer about price. If you don’t lead on the price issue, your buyers will – and they’ll lead you right to the poorhouse.

Here are five suggestions from Mark on how to become a leader on price. You can find more at

  1. Recite your price out loud 10 times each day before making any sales calls. Get completely comfortable with your price.
  2. Never allow yourself to believe that the sale you’re trying to close is the only sale you’ll ever make. Desperate thinking leads to bad decisions.
  3. Never allow yourself to believe that the price you’re charging is anything but a great deal. If you don’t believe in your price, why should your customer?
  4. Know why you’re worth it. Keep a list of what makes your offer different and better than your competitors’.
  5. Use full price to get a better clientele. If you sell at a discount, you’ll end up with customers who always expect a discount. Wouldn’t you rather deal with customers who understand and value what you offer?

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