What can you learn about management from the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle?

Well, for one thing, Aristotle pronounced a formula for maximizing the efficiency of any communication – including yours with your subordinates. You’re interested in that, aren’t you?

Here’s the formula, as restated by leadership guru Brian Tracy:

  • Ethos
  • Pathos
  • Logos

In case that’s all Greek to you, here’s what each element means:

Ethos is about you – specifically the character of the person communicating. Do you have the credibility and respect to be heard? Without this, communication is a dead letter.

Pathos is about the emotions you’re addressing in your audience. The words and images you select should take these emotions into account.

Logos is about the form of your communication. Any message you convey to your people should be appropriately researched, structured, and delivered. Something important said in a careless way will lose impact.

Source: “How the Best Leaders Lead,” by Brian Tracy.

photo credit: maha-online

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