Sometimes the difference between being productive, and being merely busy, can be subtle. Example:

Busy sales rep A spots an online article relevant to a prospect and attaches it to an e-mail saying: “I saw this article and thought you might find it valuable.”

Equally busy sales rep B sees the same article and fires off this e-mail to a prospect: “Did you see this article (attached)? Let’s meet and brainstorm ways to make this work for your business. We always come up with great ideas and I’m sure we can do it again!”

Both reps are busy, but sales rep B is more productive. Why? She has found a valid business reason to get together with the prospect and move closer to a sale.

Sales rep A thinks he’s being productive, too. But probably not – at least not as close as rep B. Because his e-mail falls short in asking the prospect to take action.

Remember: The right things to do are (1) actions that get you closer to making a sale or (2) ensuring success of a sale you already made. Anything else is busywork.

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