How much do you pay to advertise/post job openings?
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How much do you pay to advertise/post job openings?

More than 80% of employers pay less than $500 to advertise each job opening, according to a new survey.

The survey, by, contacted 500+ people interested in HR matters.

It found that 40.5% of respondents paid between zero and $249 to advertise/post openings, while another 40.3% spent between $250 and $499. Some 12.8% paid up to $999, while another 6.4% paid $1,000+.

Cost factors
Of course, the cost of advertising a job depends in part on the industry you’re in. But it also depends on the media you use. The survey found that 81% of respondents mined current employees for the names of potential candidates – a great low-cost option.

Some 73% used general job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder, while 67% used intra-company job boards and more than 50% used both state and local boards, and industry-specific boards.

Among other options, 52% reported using social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to post jobs, while just 44% used outside recruiting firms.
Bottom line: Whatever your staffing needs, you don’t have to spend a mint to let people know you have an opening available.

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