5 key things to know about decision makers
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5 key things to know about decision makers

These days you can learn a lot about a buyer from Internet research, and it can come in handy when you are trying to develop a stronger relationship.

But there are five things you need to know that will give you a “leg up” over everyone else, when it comes to connecting and developing trust. And you probably won’t find them online:

  • Their greatest career success (so far).
  • Their worst business buying decision.
  • The best example of how they like a supplier or vendor to treat them.
  • What their experience has taught them about choosing a supplier.
  • The business impact of selecting the right vendor in the next six months.

Getting the answers to these questions will most likely involve stories, context and details. It may also trigger an emotional response. That’s good news for you because it will inform how you proceed with the sale.

Source: A post by Tom Searcy To learn more visit www.huntbigsales.com.

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