How are your crisis management skills? Would you know how to handle a business emergency in your department – like an unexpected production stoppage or the simultaneous resignation of a couple key employees? You’d better, because everyone will be looking to you for guidance.

Containment and recovery
Here, from management guru Brian Tracy, are the four steps to contain and recover from an emergency:

  • Gather information. It’s tempting to jump into problem-solving mode, but first make sure you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Otherwise you may end up fixing the wrong problem.
  • Stop the bleeding. For a machine outage, this may mean temporarily shifting production to another machine or site. For surprise turnover, it may mean recalling a retiree or getting a temp.
  • Solve the problem. Focus on solutions, not blame. How can you find two new hires within 90 days?
  • Take forward-looking action. Find out why the machine broke down and how you can prevent it from doing so again.

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