Make everyone see the benefits of employee recognition

Some sample measurement factors you may want to incorporate into your employee recognition process. Has morale or employee turnover declined since rolling out your program? Are sales department incentives resulting in increased sales? Have quality initiatives resulted in fewer reworks? And finally, are customer service awards resulting in higher customer satisfaction? These are just some examples of what you may want to measure to determine the effectiveness of your employee recognition program.

Buy In from the top
The dreaded buy-in from the top. Oh alas! If everyone just saw the benefits like we do, everything would be so much better.

Begin with concrete goals for your employee recognition program
Anyway, begin with the end in mind, meaning have concrete goals for the program and show to management how you propose to reward employees for meeting company goals. Don’t make it about the individuals, make it about the company. That’s a great way to start when presenting this to your top management.

Share the statistics of what it means for employees to not be engaged, along with how it will help if they are. Identify your allies and start your pitch with them. You want some practice before going before the naysayers. Also, have them in the meeting to help you sell.

Show your CEO how this can make them look good, how this can be seen as their program. It’s amazing how many people want to attach themselves to winning programs and this is no different.

And finally, maybe – perhaps, create a pilot program if further proof is necessary. Perhaps start with one troubled area or department before rolling it out to the whole company.

Buy in from the entire company for the employee recognition program
Next, it’s not just about getting buy-in from the top, it’s also about getting buy-in from the company. Some ideas on how to do that, have team members assist with training.

That’s part of the reason why you formed a team so that you go – is so that team members can go back and talk up the program to their respective departments. By having them assist in the training, it helps to get more people onboard with the program because friends typically support what other friends are doing.

If you’ve got some hard cases – as you probably will, enlist your team champion, that senior leader who is spearheading your team to meet individually with the manager or have him be at the training session. A senior leader showing support is another good way to help sway some folks within your company to get on board with the employee recognition program.

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